Edible Carnival

The Edible Carnival is a series of mobile sculptural spectacles designed to both amuse and educate. A techno-grotesque display in which machines are developed that explore power systems and food production. The technical information for each machine is made available on the website, EdibleCarnival.org in order to further disseminate information gathered from the development and implementation of these inventions.

The Work

  • Livestock
    Rotisserie Rickshaw
  • Rolling Field
    Rotisserie Chariot

The Team

Together Russell and Ayrton are developing the infrastructure and connections needed to make this beast of a project possible. With the help of support from a variety of grants and our patrons on Patreon, we look forward to continuing to brainstorm and create new, unique techno-grotesque oddities for you to enjoy. Subversion of technology for education and entertainment is one of our foundational principals and we are excited to bring you projects such as the Rotisserie Chariot, the Rolling Field, the Pickle Bat, Popcorn Plinko, Grass-Roots Claw Machine, Potty Toss, Raries tiny art space, the Jam Stand Mobile Stage, the Edible Carnival Food Truck and more projects we haven't even dreamed up yet!

  • Russell
    Russell is the main engineer and developer of Edible Carnival attractions. EC is his brain-child, a project he has been planning for years. Generic placeholder image
  • Generic placeholder image
    Ayrton is the logistical manager and fulfills a variety of roles for EC.


New truck! New hats!


    Arts Funding Opportunities - Google Spreadsheet
    Free Accounting Spreadsheet Template (currently in development) - Google Spreadsheet
    Projects we Love! - Google Document
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