The Edible Carnival is an ongoing sculptural research project in the form of a traveling farm comprised of surreal and spectacular implements of agriculture, food handling and food distribution. The EC is an exploration of new and old technologies, performed and explained for a wide audience. is database where technical information for each element of the EC is available to anyone with internet access, where upcoming events will be posted, and a place where reflections on past events will be posted. The EC is a celebration of technological possibilities as they relate to the requirements of the living thing and the human spirit. Existing projects are entitled "Livestock" and the "Rotisserie Rickshaw". Upcoming projects include "Rolling Field," "Rotisserie Chariot," "EC Food Prep Vehicle," and "Carnival Games."
The Edible Carnival was founded by Russell Bauer and is currently a product of the combined efforts of Russell and Ayrton Chapman. The headquarters of the Carnival is based in New Mexico, where they are developing infrastructure to build future projects. You can find more of their work at;