The Jam Packed Month of MAY!

Well May was just about the most jam packed month I've had in a long time! To start off, Russell and I traveled to Nebraska in order to complete a new Edible Carnival work entitled Rolling Field. You can find images of the project build here. We were able to complete the project with a grant from The Sandhills Institute. Videos from this project forthcoming!

Our friend, Sarah Ruth came out to the Jam Stand during May as well! Ayrton got a chance to film her doing improv work with a few folks she invited out and was invited to perform with Sarah at Sister bar in Albuquerque. You can see the video from their performance here!!! The video of Sarah Ruth at the Jam Stand is forthcoming! Go subscribe to Story Time With Grumbles and Friends and hit that bell button for a notifications when new videos drop!

After helping Russell for the first third of the month Ayrton went out on tour with Pearl Earl, a psych rock pop group out of Denton, Tx. She learned a lot about tour life and what it takes to keep a show on the road! Videos from that upcoming as well.


Oh my goodness, we had such an incredible time touring around Texas! We made a bunch of new friends, saw a ton of excellent music and passed out lots of delicious veggies! You can check out some of the videos I filmed while working the Rotisserie Rickshaw here -> VIDEOS FROM TEXAS SHOWS

We had so much fun in fact that we are planning our next tour in September surrounding our acceptance to the PASEO festival! We are really excited to perform this show but they were not able to grant us any funding to help defray the costs associated with bringing the Rotisserie. If you are interested in helping us get up to Taos and then through Colorado to Denver and Boulder please check out our "Support the Carnival" tab above! There are lots of ways you can help! ANNND we just put a TON of new one of a kind merchandise items up on the shop. If you are interested in an in-kind donation or know of a local farm or grocery store that may be willing to donate in-kind please don't hesitate to email us at

Thanks to everyone who made this tour a raging success! A few of the people/organizations who helped us out; Bailey K of Pearl Earl Michele Mas of Mas Music Records Richard at Onward Indian Touring The mysterious strangers at Mystery House and Aaron booking Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions at RBC

Rotisserie Rickshaw headed to SXSW

Our trip to Austin has turned into a mini-tour! Dates we have pinned down right now are;

    3/12 - Denton Square, Denton - with Circles on the Square
    3/14 - Escapes Fest, Austin
    3/15 - SXSW unoffical showcase, Austin - DETAILS FORTHCOMING
    3/16 - House of Venus Showcase, Austin
    3/16 - SXSW unoffical showcase, Austin - DETAILS FORTHCOMING
    3/17 - EC at the Texan Theater, Kilgore
I'll link more details as they become available! Other updates; You asked for it so we're doing it! For the first time we will have Edible Carnival T-shirts available on this tour! We're working now to get them all ready. We've still got a few dates open on 3/10 + 3/13 if anyone wants to see the Rotisserie Rickshaw in action in DFW or Austin area email

Rotisserie Rickshaw headed to SXSW

We are super excited to announce that we will be taking the Rotisserie Rickshaw out to Austin, TX to perform at some unofficial showcases during South by Southwest! This will be the first time we have taken the Carnival to Texas to perform. We'll add links to the shows as we get them. Hope to see you there!

Rotisserie Rickshaw at the Hopper

We did a super short trek out to LA over the weekend of the 19th to show the Rotisserie at a DIY space with some cool new friends. Dingbat Superminx and Dale did some hilarious performances that tugged at the strings of our hearts. (Like I said, just don't listen to Frank Zappa's full diskography and you'll be able to continue liking him.) I learned that folk punk is a thing (Acustic guitar paired with screaming about capatilisim apparently) and met someone with a freshly growing mullet. The Hopper is a sweet little spot tucked away in South downtonw Los Angeles and it made for a sweet little hideaway. We had a barbeque provided by Conrad, our intrepid host. All in all it was a nice evening and we had a great time. Added bonus of 28 hours of driving for us which I actually really enjoy because it gives us time to brainstorm and really talk freely about the carnival, plans and ideas. Some of our best ideas have come from road trips so I say more of em!

Dingbat Superminx Dale