Rotisserie Rickshaw headed to SXSW

We are super excited to announce that we will be taking the Rotisserie Rickshaw out to Austin, TX to perform at some unofficial showcases during South by Southwest! This will be the first time we have taken the Carnival to Texas to perform. We'll add links to the shows as we get them. Hope to see you there!

Rotisserie Rickshaw at the Hopper

We did a super short trek out to LA over the weekend of the 19th to show the Rotisserie at a DIY space with some cool new friends. Dingbat Superminx and Dale did some hilarious performances that tugged at the strings of our hearts. (Like I said, just don't listen to Frank Zappa's full diskography and you'll be able to continue liking him.) I learned that folk punk is a thing (Acustic guitar paired with screaming about capatilisim apparently) and met someone with a freshly growing mullet. The Hopper is a sweet little spot tucked away in South downtonw Los Angeles and it made for a sweet little hideaway. We had a barbeque provided by Conrad, our intrepid host. All in all it was a nice evening and we had a great time. Added bonus of 28 hours of driving for us which I actually really enjoy because it gives us time to brainstorm and really talk freely about the carnival, plans and ideas. Some of our best ideas have come from road trips so I say more of em!

Dingbat Superminx Dale