Rolling Field

The “Rolling Field” is a portable kinetic sculpture which consists of a square 12'x12' field wrapped around cylindrical frame. The cylinder is lined with a geotextile pocket filled with growing medium which is planted with locally sourced crops. The field is slowly rotated using a solar electric system. The field is deployed and planted to sit and spin until the crop has reached maturity at which point the crop is harvested in a performance.

One goal with the Rolling Field is to create an optical spectacle, a triple horizon where the sun sets over the field and then again underneath. Another viewpoint is down the center of the cylinder, where the audience will be able to see the watering system and roots of the plants. This work is intended to reduce the distance between city-dwellers (human life) and crop growth, to interrupt the everyday with the spectacle that is growth.

The Rolling field is made possible in part by a grant from the Sandhills Institute in collaboration with the Nebraska Arts Council.

Wrapping it up

Hand watering

Filling the reservior

Attaching the field

Lifting up the cylinder



End View

Some Parts


More Layout

More Welding

More Pieces


Side View

End View

Side View

End View

Cylinder Detail


Technical Documents Coming Soon