Prep Work – First Steps Toward a Huge New EC Workspace

 30′ x 50′ Awning Prep

I’m not sure about you but we’ve been thinking on setting up a big out door work space since we bought our house.  We need a spot to build Edible Carnival attractions after all, and we’ve found that out here in New Mexico if you have shade you can basically work outdoors year round.  We installed a small awning Russell had built at our previous residence but it’s not large enough to accommodate our next projects so we decided it would behoove us to install a much larger covered work area.

In preparation for the build, we ideated through various roof types and structural components until we came upon our final design. 
Russell scoured Craigslist and got us a variety of used scaffold parts and we ended up buying some nice big scaffold casters.  (We’ll use these for other projects in future so we figured it was worth it to spend the extra money now to reduce the amount of times we have to take apart scaffold)
We figured a cut sheet and sourced materials and pricing.  (We’re purchasing all our metal from our local metal supplier, Ned’s)  We put the budget components in a spreadsheet program so we could change calculations easily as we worked through the plans.
Finally, after coming to a consensus on everything, we set a date for the project to go into motion.
The next few blog posts will highlight and explain the steps involved in completing this huge project with just a couple of people working on the weekends.

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