Awning Leg Fabrication and Install

Getting Leggy! – Fabrication and Install of Feet & Legs

Wow!  Concrete laying was a lot of work! (and requiring a fair amount of endurance)  Glad that’s over now.  Now that our footings are set and curing it’s onto the feet and legs.  The legs are made of 4″ Schedule 40 pipe and reinforced with 4″ triangle ribs.

1. Shape the components.

We beveled each piece on the welded edge and finished the outside edge for a nicer look.  While I worked on the triangles, Rus got to work cutting down the legs to length. 

The legs for this awning are 12′.  We ended up putting a saddle on both sides of the leg (later finding out this was a mistake!  Only put a saddle on one side!) Our awning has a total of eight legs with eight angles so we ended up processing 64 structural angles.

2. Attach foot plates

& bracers to legs.

After prepping the legs with a wire brush and grinder, Russell tacked and welded the foot plates to the legs and then as I completed sets of bracers he attached them to the feet. Almost done!

3. Cleanup.

We then cleaned up the welds with a wire brush and grinder.

4. Placement and leveling.

After all that work we’re finally back to the fun part!  We placed the legs back on the anchor bolts and using a level and a wrench slowly leveled in two directions each leg. 

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