Space Harvest at Rubber Gloves

Edible Carnival’s newest sculpture, “Space Harvest” is installed at Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX until January 1, 2022. Stop by anytime they are open or during a show to play your hand at the claw machine.

The Space Harvest is an interactive game where anyone can, with a quarter, take a chance at harvesting the plants found within. Space Harvest includes a self watering system, LED arrays in the UFO ring, & a set of grow lights to keep the plants inside happy.

Inspired by the classic claw game, this piece allows the viewers to attempt to harvest edible plants inside for a tasty reward. Currently it is planted with kale, cilantro & mint.

Ayrton will be performing an improv show on Sunday the 26th of December & will be back again New Years Eve to ring in the new year with Pearl Earl & Calliope Musicals. Come by Rubber Gloves, see the Space Harvest & listen to some great music!

Made possible in part with a generous grant from the Fulcrum Fund, a partnership between 516 Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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