Carnival Games

One of our projects in development is a series of carnival games. For single and multiple players...

Tabletop Theater

A new project that the Edible Carnival is working towards is the Tabletop Theater. This sideshow can be played by six people and is a short role playing session where carnival-goers may don a heros helm and venture forth into glory.

Claw Game

Artist Rendition for a mint-filled claw game.

Popcorn Plinko

Conceptual drawing for Popcorn Plinko. A plinko game where hot air popcorn is blown into the plinko device.

Pickle Bat

Conceptual drawing for the Pickle Bat. A specialized bat embedded with blades. Various veggies are tossed at the batter up. The veggies are then placed in brine to become pickles.

Visual Compost

Conceptual drawing for the visual compost device. A sideshow explaining the fundimental principals of compost.

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