Jam Stand Info

The Jam Stand is a sound art and music residency based along the Rio Grande valley south of Albuquerque. Every year, participants are chosen to come out for up to two weeks and work independently towards personal growth and development in the Jam Stand studio.

This is time for artists to explore, strengthen and expand skill sets and to take some time to get back to the roots of their audiological expression. We hope that this time helps sound artists and musicians to move toward their goals or re-orient. We believe that giving artists time an space to work is one of the most valuable gifts and hope to continue sharing these resources. Each resident is filmed during their stay and a video produced looking behind the scenes at their process and some of the sounds they made while at the Jam Stand.

We provide a guest room as accommodation. Residents are responsible for travel and food during their stay. We normally make dinner for everyone some nights of the residency. Generally vegetarian, usually delicious.

Equipment Provided

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