Jam Stand

Jam Stand is the musical arm of Edible Carnival. We host sound artists and musicians in our recording studio in New Mexico for an up to two week residency.

Previous Residents

Clara Byom

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Clara Byom is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, arts administrator, and tunesmith who has been described as having “radiant energy” and “immense talent.”

Clara’s Website

Ryan Williams & Ren Thygesen

Ryan and Ren, based out of Denton, TX honed their recording skills while laying down a driving folksy layered sound. They also explored experiments in low range frequencies.

Hazel Batrez Chavez

“My most recent work has revolved around finding ways to challenge the current criminalization strategies used to claim and occupy a space in our southern border region. Within the work I center the voices of those directly impacted by incorporating portions of their stories, and expanding on my own family history of crossing borders and the carbon footprint we are leaving behind.”

Hazel’s Website

Sarah Ruth

Sarah is an incredible multi-instrumentalist who spent her time at the Jam Stand bringing a variety of artists from New Mexico and around the U.S. out to record improvisational works.

Sarah’s Website

Garol Greengrass

Garol developed new temporal sound sculptural works during their time at Jam Stand. A mobile artist, Garol shared their solutions for art supplies on the road.

Garol’s Website

Patrick Michot

Patrick spent his time collecting sounds from a variety of sources. He worked in a slew of variant styles and impressed us with his versitility.


Heavy Pulp

Super heavy and oh so full of pulp, this duo recorded their first album in their short stay at Jam Stand. Heavy beats laced with sound and intricate patterns.

Jake Dester

Jake experimented with new instruments and techniques producing some wild west hip hop smooth jazz.

Teddy Waggy & Sudie

Teddy and Sudie collaborated at the Jam Stand to produce some driving pop haunting melody.

Midnight Opera