Jam Stand

Jam Stand is the musical arm of Edible Carnival. We host sound artists and musicians in our recording studio in New Mexico for a two week residency. Links and info on previous residents below. We are designing a mobile stage unit to take Jam Stand on the road with the carnival.

The Residency

The Jam Stand is a sound art and music residency based along the Rio Grande valley south of Albuquerque. Every year, participants are chosen to come out for up to two weeks and work independently towards personal growth and development in the Jam Stand studio. This is time for artists to explore, strengthen and expand skill sets and to take some time to get back to the roots of their audiological expression. We believe that giving artists time an space to work is one of the most valuable gifts and hope to continue sharing these resources. Each resident is filmed during their stay and a video produced looking behind the scenes at their process and some of the sounds they made while at the Jam Stand.

Equipment Provided
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Past Residents

Sarah Ruth

Sarah is an incredible artist who spent her time at the Jam Stand bringing a variety of artists from New Mexico and around the U.S. out to record improvisational works.

Sarah Ruth Website

They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy


Garol Greengrass

Garol is a multimedia artist creating temporal installations capturing documentation along the way. A mixture of new and collected items become a new entity of motion and sound.

Garol Greengrass Website

Patrick Michot

Patrick spent his time collecting sounds from a variety of sources. He worked in a slew of variant styles and impressed us with his versitility.


Black Wolf Nightmare

Royal Academia Cordofonica Ensemble


Heavy Pulp

Video coming soon!

Heavy Pulp made a quick stop at the Jam Stand on their way through to LA. They recorded five songs in a matter of days and we can't wati to get our hands on them! Heavy beats laced with sound and intricate patterns.

Heavy Pulp

Teddy Waggy + Sudie

Teddy and Sudie collaborated at the Jam Stand to produce some driving pop haunting melody.

Midnight Opera


Jake Dester

Jake experimented with new instruments and techniques producing some wild west hip hop smooth jazz.

Jake Dester Music

We provide a trailer as accomodation. Residents are responsible for travel and food during their stay. We normally make dinner for everyone some nights of the residency. Generally vegitarian, usually delicious.
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