Livestock is a set of three hydroponic pods which can be planted with a variety of flora. The pods are skinned with plastic lined with multi-color LEDs that provide light to the plants.

David Beining from ArtsLAB shot this awesome 360 footage of the Albuquerque Aerialist Collective performing “Livestock: Juicing”

Livestock personifies the distance between farm and table and the radical ends our agricultural industrial complex lead us towards by utilizing arealists and stilters as an intermediary between growth and consumption.

The pods are also equipped with a three-point camera system with a reactionary program so the pods interact with the viewer, writing away from intruders who come too close to their locale. Plants are harvested in a performance by aerialists and stilters and wheat grass juice or other produce is passed out among viewers.

Made possible with generous grants from the Howard L. Franks Memorial Fellowship